Quality Control

Quality Control

The AES management system is focused on quality assurance, in line with Norm EN ISO 9000. This system enables the firm to fulfil the organizational responsibilities and measures in everyday work. The quality system is constantly updated and adopted to the requirements and circumstances of the project underway.

The company quality management system consists of the following elements.

Quality assurance system managed by AES

Quality Manual

AES has a quality manual which represents the higher level of quality system documents. It determines the measures and responsibilities to be observed in each project covering study, design, technical assistance, training and other consultancy services. The manual is also used to inform the client as well as to extend the quality system to the partners of joint ventures of sub contract agreement of which member of the consortium is part.

Working procedures and instructions

 They represent the second level of the documents of the quality system. On one side, they preside over the detailed planning of project services, highlighting the critical paths. On the other side, they contain the detailed description of the project management rules. In particular, they aim at achieving the expected results through proposer management of the project cycle, identifying likely risks and related hypothesis for quality assurance.

Working Instruments

At the third level of the quality system, the working instrument makes sure that requirements are satisfied; since they are carefully selected based on the objectives to be achieved and the ancillary methodologies.