Project Location : Rukwa, Tanzania

Forensic Investigation of Laela – Sumbawanga



Project Specifications

Project Name :
Forensic Investigation of Laela – Sumbawanga
Country :
Project Location :
Rukwa, Tanzania
Professional staff provided by your firm :
1. Materials/pavement specialist
Name of the Client :
Millennium Challenge account – Tanzania [MCA-T]
No. Staff :
No. of Staff-Months :
Duration of Assignment :
2 Months
Start Date :
Approximate Finish Date :
Approximate value of services in USD :
5,000 USD
Approximate value of services in USD :
5,000 USD
Name of Associated Consultant, if any :
COWI Consult
Name of Senior Staff [Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader] involved and function performed
1. Mr. Gerald Maregesi – Pavement/Materials Specialist


The Laela – Sumbawanga pavement structure which was designed to be constructed of 150 mm of improved G15 subgrade, stabilized subbase C1, crushed base CRR and surface dressing showed sign of premature sign of distress in form of longitudinal cracks. The cracks started to appear on top of the primed base immediately after onset of the rain season. The initial investigation was carried out by Contractor and Consultant so as to establish the probable cause of the premature pavement distress. MCA-T commissioned COWI/AES consortium as an independent forensic expert to carry out a detailed forensic investigation which so as to establish the cause of pavement.

Advanced Engineering Solution is in charge of:

Preparation of testing scheme/program
Carrying out In situ testing program such DCP etc.
Carrying out detailed laboratory testing of the geo-material available within the project vicinity
Pavement data analysis
Hypothesis testing
Establishing probable cause of pavement distress
Mechanistic pavement design analysis
Preparation of forensic investigation report
Laboratory auditing and analysis of Contactor’s and consultant test results