Our Team

People are our most valuable asset. From the engineers to architects and from international expert to local experts, AES offers its clients a competitive team of experts passionate and driven to make the difference. More than 85% of our professionals hold university degrees in the all relevant fields of the company activities.

AES looks with continuity at the latest learning, updating and training opportunities for a human resource, devoting with excitement and belief part of the income for the implementation of training and research program on the core business of the company.

The outcome is result-oriented experts, continuously investing in their skills to maximize the quality of the rendered services, while creating viable advanced engineering solutions that assure the client’s maximum success and return on investment. Despite of the growing number of professionals working within AES, the team turnover rate has remained for years below 5%, granting continuity and consistency of response and quality delivered to the clients. We hold the record of having the lowest employee-turnover among our peers of consulting firms. We understood early on that a satisfied professional is an asset that makes a satisfied client. The work force distribution by education and by gender is shown in figures below.

Education Team
Gender Team

Staff and Organization Structure

The firm activity over the years has grown into multidisciplinary organisation to meet the needs of public and private clients within Tanzania, focusing on project management, engineering, environmental protection, providing innovative solutions in consultancy services and training. Finding innovative solutions is a key part of all services to customers and comes not only from the strong technical base but also from the business based approach and from the collaborative one.

The AES provides services pertaining to consultation, investigation, preparation of economic report and technical reports, design, design review, contract administration and supervisions of civil and water works.

AES offers its clients the benefits of its advanced technological services in all facets of technical deliverables. Our long-term staffs are assigned to projects taking full account of their familiarity with the specific type of work, their experience in the region or similar areas and their previous work with other members of the team. Periods between assignments are spent in the head office or one of the regional offices to update individual technical expertise and give feedback to head office on project support.

A very important feature of AES is that all management and senior staff have lived and worked in East Africa for a substantial part of their careers. This ensures a real understanding of conditions in the field and adequate language capacities, facilitating effective relationship with project team members.

Staff and Organization Structure