Our Execution

The execution of the projects is carried out in three major stages as shown in Figure below:

Our Execution Stage

In order to supplement the firm’s internal resources and to maintain contact with state­-of-the-art development in all fields, AES maintains a close association with international professional firms with whom it cooperates from time to time, depending on the nature of the project and the specialized expertise it may require. Advanced Engineering solutions have successfully worked several international firms as shown in the following table.

To maintain the high standard of professional services it offers, AES employs highly qualified personnel, all members of their respective societies or institutes. There are permanent staff who are operating at the headquarter office in Dar Es Salaam – Tanzania. AES also employs staff on ad hoc basis ranging from 100-150 depending on the number of the projects in hand.

During the period of growth, AES broadened its range of professional services to meet the growing demand. The Multi-Disciplined project teams comprising of more than 50 professionals allows AES to organize and manage from study stage straight through design and construction to satisfactory handing-over. AES is familiar with local laws and regulations, material resources, regional and cultural problems, modus operandi of different Ministries in operation of projects comes handy to the project’s management and team members; this makes the operation and execution of the project in Tanzania to be easy and tenable. To ensure impartiality to its clients’ professional status, AES strongly adheres to the engineering code of ethics and maintains an independent status.

Status Map