Advanced Engineering Solutions LTD is a company based in Tanzania providing multi-disciplinary advanced engineering solutions within Tanzania and Internationally. The company was established in 2012 by a team of highly qualified engineers. Our team comprises of extremely motivated and skilled individuals with wide ranging experience in Highway Design, Pavement Design and Analysis, Geotechnical Investigation, Construction Claim, Value Engineering and Forensic Engineering. We are Specialists in assisting Contractors and Developers in solving Technical Problems. Advanced Engineering Solutions LTD has its Office in Dar es Salaam and Project Offices at various locations in Tanzania

Our Mission

Advanced Engineering Solutions LTD strives to make the world a better place by providing engineering,scientific,environmental and social solutions.

Our Vision

In the short course of time we have been involved in interesting projects in all over Tanzania. We are extending our arms outside Tanzania to become one of Africa’s finest.

History Of Our Company

Advanced Engineering Solutions is a Tanzania Engineering firm which was established in 2008; in 2012 AES was registered as consulting firm in Civil Engineering with registered office in Mikocheni Area Dar Es Salaam Tanzania.

Established in 2012, the overall turnover of AES entirely related to engineering increased by 666% approaching 800 million Tshs by the end of the year 2013. In 2014, the projected turnover was surpassed by 50% recorded an annual turnover of 2.1 billion. Despite of tough condition in reference markets, AES maintained an exponential growing turnover level, delivered positive net cash flow and produced increasing operating net profit. The project turnover in 2015 is expected to be in excess of 4.0 billion.

The firm activity over the years has grown into multidisciplinary organisation to meet the needs of public and private clients within Tanzania, focusing on project management, engineering, environmental protection, providing innovative solutions in consultancy services and training. Finding innovative solutions is a key part of all services to customers and comes not only from the strong technical base but also from the business based approach and from the collaborative one.

The Firm

AES Organization is structured so as to service better our growing number of our client. Our operation system is updated regularly so as to improve our services and to ensure that our customers are getting the best out of our services. AES operates in various countries manly as sub consuultant drawing on the intergrated global experiance of the firm’s and personel. AES provides multi-displinary consultancy services for all stages of a project cycle from preparation and feasibility study to construction, operation and maintance and capacity building.

Our experience covers wide range of topographical, climatic, cultural and working enviromentals. We are able to mobilise quickly and work effieciently in difficult circumstances with limited facilities. Our combination of specialist staff expertise and development project experience has proved particularly appropriate in all area of east Africa i.e Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

In order to ensure that our projects are executed on time, our operation is structured as shown in flow chart below.

The Firm
The Firm


During the year 2017 AES will start awarding bursaries for students studying civil engineering in various engineering colleges in Tanzania. Three students will be sponsored each year. The sponsorship will start by sponsoring one student of Dar Es Salaam University and Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology respectively. In each year, also AES will provide bursary for one female civil engineering students from any selected higher learning institution in Tanzania.


To maintain technical expertise with current technology and engineering methods AES sends its staff on various courses throughout the year. We have special program to make sure that all senior staff are possessing a post graduate qualification, in 2016/16 one staff completed his Masters in Structure Engineering, while in 2017/2017, two staff has been sponsored for Masters of science in Highway Engineering and another one in structure Engineering. We believe that by enabling our staff to increase their knowledge and skill, they will easily achieve their full potential in the work place.

In-Service Training

Throughout the year, technician and engineers are given an opportunity to complete their in-service training and practical training for students. These junior Technicians and Engineer are normally taught by some of AES most experienced staff members to give their carrier a jump start.

Enterprise Development

AES is planning to start supporting establishment of small enterprise.

Social and Economic Development

At AES, we invest in the future of Tanzania children. AES will start paying school fees of at least 5 children from the disadvantages background.

Cooperate Social Responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility program covers a wide spectrum of initiatives that includes annual donation to various institutions.


AES is a member of accredited and recognized bodies and institution in Tanzania. Currently AES is a member in the following:

Engineer’s Registration Board – Tanzania
Engineer’s Registration Board – Tanzania
Association of Consulting Engineer – Tanzania
Association of Consulting Engineer – Tanzania